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    A sober hedonist's guide to living a decadent, wild, and soulful life - alcohol-free.

    In a culture where sipping "rosé all day" is seen as the epitome of relaxation, "grabbing a drink" the only way to network; and meeting at a bar the quintessential "first date", many of us are left wondering if drinking alcohol really is the only way to cultivate joy and connection in life. 

    Jardine Libaire and Amanda Eyre Ward wanted to live spontaneous and luxurious lives, to escape the ordinary and enjoy the intoxicating. Their drinking, however, had started to numb them to the present moment instead of unlocking it. Ward was introduced to Libaire when she first got sober. As they became friends, the two women talked about how they yearned to create lives that were Technicolor, beautifully raw, connected, blissed out, and outside the lines...but how? 

    In The Sober Lush, Libaire and Ward provide a road map for living a lush and sensual life without booze. This audiobook offers ideas and instruction for such nonalcoholic joys as: 

    • The allure of "the Vanish", in which one disappears early from the party without saying good-bye to a soul, to amble home under the stars 
    • The art of creating zero-proof cocktails for all seasons 
    • Having a fantastic first date while completely sober 
    • A primer on setting up your own backyard beehive and honey tastings 

    For anyone curious about lowering their alcohol consumption or quitting drinking altogether, or anyone established in sobriety who wants inspiration, this shimmering and sumptuous audiobook will show you how to keep indulging in life even if you stop indulging in alcohol.

    Includes a PDF of the appendix in the book.  

    PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio. 

    ©2020 Amanda Eyre Ward and Jardine Libaire (P)2020 Penguin Audio


    “This wonderful book has everything, incredible writing, laugh-out-loud moments, raw storytelling, honesty, friendship, humor and sex. Read this book! I absolutely loved it. Sober Lush truly shifts your mindset about how incredible and fulfilling a sober life can be! Sober Lush is a provoking read that left me wanting more.” (Annie Grace, author and founder of This Naked Mind)

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