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    His client is the world’s most powerful spy. When Case’s investigation uncovers traitors, corrupt politicians, and a deadly conspiracy, she demands he withdraw.

    Case Lee doesn’t quit. He goes back in.

    And kicks the hornet’s nest.

    The CIA’s top spy offered him a contract. He didn’t relish working with her again, but the money was too good. The job started as a standard sleuthing gig. But when he discovers a major drug deal, disturbing questions are raised. Case calls on his best friend and heads for the border. Case Lee, meet the Cartel. It gets ugly.

    The trail leads back to the Pacific Northwest, revealing a high-level conspiracy with spies, traitors, and corrupt politicians. Who is pulling the deadly strings? And why?

    The heat cranks up and the CIA terminates the contract. But he doesn’t quit. While he’s no superhero, no caped crusader, Case Lee knows when it’s time to make a stand. They unleash powerful forces against him with no quarter asked. Or given.

    In The Orcas Island Job - the sixth stand-alone novel from the best-selling Case Lee adventure series. Author Vince Milam delivers another heart-pounding thriller of espionage, treachery, and intrigue. A tale filled to the brim with enigmatic and fascinating characters, plot twists, non-stop action, and stunning surprises.

    You’ll love this edge of your seat thrill ride, because Case is a flawed hero we can all cheer for until the last minute.

    Join hundreds of thousands of listeners and find yourself swept away today!

    ©2020 Vince Milam (P)2020 Vince Milam

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