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    Taiji (pronounced Tie-jee) is an excellent system of exercise characterized by spiraling, supple, lithe movements, but it is much more than just a mild exercise. Taiji can also be used as an effective martial art, moving meditation, a way by which blood, nerve, and lymph blockages can be reduced, as well as reducing needless tensions, thus improving health; a way to develop good balance and power, clearer thinking, smooth and more effective actions, and is even able to make one better looking. These are some of the benefits of practicing taiji, but they do not tell us what the essence of taiji is. Taiji, in the most succinct terms, is a way of holistically and optimally interacting with every aspect of life. In the martial art context, taiji is simply a matter of continuously and efficiently propagating and delivering energy and force to an opponent while simultaneously gathering intelligence regarding his every move, using his force and energy against him.

    ©2017 Thomas Lupich (P)2017 Thomas Lupich

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