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    Do you want physical health, mental clarity, meaningful relationships, and no financial worries?

    Of course, who wouldn't? The villains preventing you to live the life you deserve are your own bad habits. Repeating them leads to health problems and financial struggles. In your relationships, they can manifest as defensiveness and irritability.

    You often think "why did I just do this?" and "I will never be able to change."

    Break the cycle of your bad habits that make you feel guilt, shame, and "less than".

    You feel stressed, frustrated, and helpless when you live at the mercy of your bad habits. They generate pain and unnecessary suffering. But you can change these unhealthy cycles dominating your life. Rewire Your Habits will show you how.

    Beat procrastination, denial, defensiveness, and conflict addiction.

    Zoe McKey is an internationally best-selling author and lifestyle coach. Her writing draws from multiple sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real-life experience. She has perfected the habits presented in this book her entire life and brings proven techniques to you. 

    Adopt good, sustainable habits to take care of your body and mind.

    • Say goodbye to fad diets and exercise routines for good.
    • Identify the sources of conflict in your relationships. 
    • Learn research-proven techniques to communicate better.
    • Reframe your relationship with money to create a positive money mindset.

    Achieve holistic life improvement. 

    • Transform the way you eat, exercise, and sleep.
    • Have more intimate, drama-free, and loving relationships. Be heard and validated by your loved ones and offer the same to them.
    • Pack your free time with meaningful experiences, guilt-free.
    • Have satisfying and financially rewarding work.

    Repeating bad habits is ultimately a choice.

    Using the best research, knowledge, and experiments, Rewire Your Habits presents you with a step-by-step solution to bad habits in five major life areas: physical, mental, spiritual, relationship, and work health.

    Transform your stressed, frustrated, helpless, argumentative, and hopeless attitude. Be the one who takes a curious look at the things that go wrong in their lives, ask themselves "how can I do better?" and take empowered action to level up their health, wealth, relationships, and work, and live a life you deserve.

    The benefits of repeating good habits compound exponentially over time. Listen to Rewire Your Habits, and start introducing them into your life today!

    ©2021 Zoe McKey (P)2021 Zoe McKey

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