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    I’m supposed to care for a kid, not create one!

    Space needs nurses. That’s what they told me, and that’s why I agreed to go. They say Raider is the last place I want to end up, but I’m up to the challenge. I’ll care for the warlord’s child. One problem. He wants me to make said child. With him. No. Not happening. Never. I'm not selling my body to some brute! But Kain isn’t the brute I imagined. And the longer I’m on Raider, the longer I wonder if belonging to him would be so bad. 

    I don’t need tricks to find a woman. Compassionate. Smart. Beautiful. Abby is all these things. But she’s not willing, and I won’t force her. If I send her back, IEP will just pass her off to another planet. I can’t put her in that situation. As I get to know her, I want her more and more. My body knows she’s my fated mated. I don’t want her to merely be a surrogate. I want a family with her. Once she’s given me a child, she’ll be allowed to leave Raider and never return. What will it take to get her to stay? 

    Nurse for an Alien Warrior is a steamy alien romance featuring a warrior hero and the compassionate human nurse who awakens the mating gene within him. 

    ©2020 Special Fiction Books (P)2021 Special Fiction Books

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