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    High stakes conversations happen at any time, whether you are prepared or not. In fact, these conversations most often happen when you are least prepared. With this audio program, you’ll know exactly what to say at the right time, rather than realizing what you should have said after the fact. Learn how to converse with charisma and speak confidently when you have a chance meeting with an important contact in the hallway, in the gym or at a restaurant. Better yet, know how to prepare your high stakes communications in advance of important meetings. Some messages are hard to communicate or are difficult to hear. Learn how to finesse your communications to win the hearts and minds of your listeners. The good news is that being a charismatic communicator is a learned trait, and this program will teach you how to engage listeners when you talk. Learn these lessons from master communicators and best-selling authors in High Stakes Communication Skills for your crucial conversations.

    ©2014 Made for Success Publishing (P)2014 Made for Success Publishing

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