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    Lady Georgianna Voss bids adieu to her friend Marianne with a heavy heart. Before their friendship blossomed, she had been a stranger to affection. She returns to her home uncertain of her reception. She has spurned the advances of the eligible but dull man her mama wished her to marry. Having witnessed the cold, unhappy union between her parents, she is not at all eager to follow their example. Enraged, Lady Westbury sends Georgianna to her impoverished aunt, hoping that she will realize just how much a lady needs a wealthy husband, regardless of her feelings for him. 

    Georgianna embarks on a journey of self-discovery and meets two very different gentlemen who are far from dull. Her head tells her one is ineligible, and her heart that the other would never make her happy. 

    When she suddenly finds herself facing disgrace, it seems she must make a choice. But should she listen to her head or her heart?

    ©2020 Mrs Jennifer A Hambly (P)2021 Mrs Jennifer A Hambly

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