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Demon Blessed: The Box Set

Autor: Nikki Sex
Sprecher: Sarah Puckett
Spieldauer: 41 Std. und 30 Min.

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This box set includes all three audiobooks in the Demon Blessed series!  

Demon Blessed

I know he’s a shifter before I see him. As I step inside, desire pulls me under like a wave. Vampires are delicious, but nothing is as scorching hot as a powerful werewolf. I’m not sure what I want more - to have him bend me over the table, or to feed on his otherworldly energy.  

I crave both.  

Temptation! This is how my problems begin. I can’t trust anyone, particularly supernatural creatures. With my power, I don’t even trust myself.  

I’m too damned dangerous.  

Demon Lost

They say everyone has their inner demons, but in my case, I really do. Two hundred years ago, my mother summoned my inner monster. Since then, other than making me immortal, my demon has been trying to teach me murder, irresponsible lust, bloodthirsty violence, and the joys of total mayhem.  

Meanwhile, I’m trying to instill in him the best of human characteristics: compassion, understanding, moderation - you get the idea.  

Having an inner demon has made relationship issues challenging. Just ask my on again, off again hottie, the Beast Lord.  

I’m trying really, really hard to be good for my demon’s sake.  

It’s not my fault I keep accidentally killing people.  

Demon Dreams

I’m finally mated to the Beast Lord. Our magical bond is INCREDIBLE. Thanks to his invention, we have children on the way. But will they be born werewolves, or something else?  

That’s not all I’m worried about. I’ve been having intense dreams. In my sleep, I slip into the skin of animals or people. I share their minds, their lives - and their deaths.  

I wake up screaming.

Demon dreams.  

I know there’s a powerful, scary-as-hell monster out there. It wants to eat me - and not in the way I’d enjoy.

©2015 Nikki Sex (P)2018 Nikki Sex

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