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    Beschreibung von Audible

    This collection is sure to entice anyone who enjoys a good love story. Included here are excerpts of works by renowned authors such as, Jane Austen, James Matthew Barrie, Leo Tolstoy, Emily Brontë, and Jules Verne. These authors succeed in creating worlds of romance and possibility. Included in this audiobook are some of the best moments in literature. Alex Jennings is a trustworthy narrator, and he thrives in easing the listener from one story to another. The audience is sure to fall in love with this audiobook!


    This is a diverting delight, a window on romance in literature. There are high lovers and low lovers, tragic lovers, comic lovers, and lovers who shouldn’t be doing what they are doing at all and certainly not then and there. There is even Fanny Hill trying not to discover what physical love is about when set upon by an old roué who has paid for the privilege. Though of special interest for lovers and their special lover’s day of St. Valentine, it is an amusing and sometimes surprising collection.

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    Public Domain (P)2007 Naxos Audiobooks

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