Wolf Falls

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Son of a Beast Inhaltsangabe

I was a lone wolf without a pack - could my fated mate be a human? 

As a shifter born in a lab, I grew up thinking I was the only one of my kind. My father taught me how to suppress my turns. But only after my wolf killed my mother making me one of the most famous people in the world. 

In search of a place where people didn’t see me as a freak, I enrolled at a school in the middle of nowhere. It was at East Tennessee University that I met Cage, a football star with his own dark secrets. 

There was something about him I couldn’t resist. My wolf howled when I was around him. And having no experience with lust or love, my need for him wasn’t the only thing I was losing control over. 

If I used my wolf to help him uncover his past, would he choose it over me in the end? Could a human even be the fated mate of a shifter? Or, was the mysterious man I was in love with something beyond anything I could have imagined? 

Son of a Beast is a scorching hot wolf shifter romance with laughs, crackling tension, and enough spicy sizzle to leave you satisfied at its HEA ending.

Note: This book is a part of the author's Love is Love Collection, meaning that it is available as a spicy romance in My Tutor, a wholesome romance in Going Long, a steamy wolf shifter romance in Son of a Beast, and a Male/Male romance in Serious Trouble.

©2021 Alex McAnders (P)2021 Alex McAnders
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