Wizard Scout Trinity Delgado

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Trinity Unleashed Inhaltsangabe

Wizard scouts are the most advanced recon forces in the galaxy. When the Intergalactic Empire has a tough mission, they send in a wizard scout. When they have an impossible mission, they send in Wizard Scout Trinity Delgado.

The planet Cavos is on the verge of civil war. Only an outmanned, outgunned force of Empire peacekeepers prevent an outbreak of bloodshed on a global scale. When the peacekeepers' commander requests an armored regiment as reinforcements, the Imperial High Command sends him Wizard Scout Trinity instead.

With only a fresh out of the university grad student and a half-crazy old pilot as allies, Trinity has to find the source of Cavos's troubles before the Empire becomes part of a disaster far greater than a mere local civil war.

Caught between the peacekeepers' resentful commander and suspicious local government officials, Trinity and her battle computer, Jennifer, have their work cut out for them. Together they must weave their way through one mystery after another, leaving a trail of bloody bodies along the way until they find the answer. That is, if they can remain alive long enough to find it.

©2017 Rodney W. Hartman (P)2017 Rodney W. Hartman
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