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The Wild Rose of Lancaster is a beautifully written inspirational novel by award-winning author, Ruth Carmichael Ellinger. This compelling story is set in the historical town of Lancaster Ohio, and is based on the true-life story of Elizabeth Davidson. Her colorful life and bold determination influenced her times, transforming her from a self-willed young widow, to a woman who set a precedent for independence at a time when it was socially unacceptable for a woman to succeed by her own merit. In her veins flowed the fiery blood of her Scottish ancestry, that of her father, Isaac, her three brothers, William, Jonathan, and Jacob, and their illustrious grandfather, William Davidson, son of a Highland clan that immigrated to America after the ruinous Battle of Culloden in 1746. The novel is set in 1876, several generations after the Davidsons are established in America. Elizabeth is the protagonist, the adored youngest daughter, spoiled and indulged, but she finds life overwhelming when her young husband, Samuel, dies - leaving her penniless with a young son to raise. She is filled with anger and bitterness toward God over Samuel's untimely death and the loss of her beloved home in Springfield Ohio. Grief-stricken and distraught, her faith shatters. She turns from God vowing to find her own way without His help. In her desperate state, Elizabeth is forced to return to Fairfield County when her father sends Jacob to bring her back to Wildrose, the family owned thoroughbred farm situated in the picturesque Ohio Valley.
©2005 Ruth Carmichael Ellinger (P)2005 Ruth Carmichael Ellinger
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