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Who Are They?: The Extreme Limit Inhaltsangabe

Start the Who - ? series with Who Are They? The Extreme Limit.

A few teasers:

  • He murdered my husband!
  • making a deal with the devil was the only way he could survive
  • Like a horror movie - one that she wanted to shut out, but couldn't because the sad fact was that this was her life
  • "Mommy!" she heard Elias' voice. Oh, no! This wasn't a sight for a child to witness....
  • How can you all sit there and have this murderer in our presence?
  • Maybe throw a little sex into the equation. That never hurt anyone before.
  • She couldn't allow her son to be raised like this and be around such an evil person.
  • "Mom, I am a model!" She lied.

Hang on to your seat as this story unfolds with its intertwined web of lies, sex, crime, and a plethora of unusual events. They climax and convey deep emotions while the twosomes evolve into sexual triangles of turmoil.

Their marriage was a complete hoax. They never even slept in the same bed, and could hardly stand the sight of each other. They had become like one of those couples that did nothing but nag in each other's presence and whine about how pathetic they were to one another. Not a day passed when they did not fight, or express how much hate they felt for one another, and...Julie and Andrew....

Their daughter, Jenna, was a beautiful, aspiring model, promising to be faithful to her love, Morgan. Morgan goes on an extensive business trip to South Africa. When he comes home intended to propose to Jenna, but discovers Crowley....

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