West Brothers

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From Ashes to Flames Inhaltsangabe

She was the nanny. He was the boss. They both knew things would end badly.

Five minutes after walking through the door, I hated the sexy Greydon West. I wondered why he’d ever had kids in the first place. The broody, single father of two didn’t know the meaning of the word fun. The only things my regimented, hot-tempered boss seemed to care about were his ridiculous spreadsheets. But for some reason, his prickly, stiff-mannered disposition made me curious about what was hidden beneath that exterior. Then, one day I stumbled upon the key that unlocked the mystery of Dr. West.

That was when the sexy dreams began...the same ones that awakened me every night. And that kiss we shared...biggest mistake ever. I knew nothing good would result from it. But I couldn’t seem to stay away because I was already in too deep. I should’ve listened to those alarms in my head, but I ignored them. Which was why I found my heart about to erupt in flames, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do about it.

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