Timeline 10/27/62 - USA

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Aftermath (Timeline 10/27/62 - USA) Inhaltsangabe

Aftermath is book one of the alternative history series Timeline 10/27/62 - USA.

The Cuban Missile Crisis went wrong, and now the American people are about to start living with the consequences of the catastrophe.

From New England to the Pacific Northwest, from Washington, DC, to San Francisco, Americans confront to their worst nightmare. Nobody wins a nuclear war.

Aftermath is about the first 24 hours of the new age, a novella-length introduction to the Timeline 10/27/62 - USA series.

It is set in America and tells the Timeline 10/27/62 story through American eyes. At points in the narrative, the books of this series will touch base with and offer alternative perspectives on the events in the other books set in the Timeline 10/27/62 world, but each book in the USA series will stand alone. Some of the characters will have appeared in earlier books set in the Timeline 10/27/62 'verse, but many - most, in fact - make their first bows in the opening book of the new series.

Aftermath is the first verse of the American story of Armageddon - the first 24 hours of the new era.

©2015 James P. Coldham writing as James Philip (P)2016 James P. Coldham writing as James Philip
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