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Redemption: Part One Inhaltsangabe


After a humiliating breakup, I’m not afraid to admit my personal life has taken one hell of a hit.

I’ve allowed myself time to lick my wounds and I’m not only confident my nights alone on the couch are numbered, I’ve got a solid plan for the first time in months. Focus on work, don’t worry about the rest. The last thing I need in my life right now is another complication. I’ve convinced myself it’s a flawless plan.

I just have to stay off Adam Avery’s radar and I’ll be fine. Now that I’ve met him, I’m not sure I want to be anywhere else. 


I’ve been my father’s best kept dirty secret for more than three decades. 

When my uncle, the CEO of Avery Finance, is forced into early retirement, he appoints me as his unlikely successor and the media goes into a frenzy.

For an admitted recluse, it’s definitely a challenge, but I’ve never shied away from those before.

I just need to stay focused, in control and avoid distraction. Unfortunately, Isabella Baxter might be the one distraction I can’t resist.

©2018 Katie Benson (P)2019 Katie Benson
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