The Accidental Master

5 Titel in dieser Serie
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The Accidental Master Series Inhaltsangabe

The Accidental Master: The Complete Series

When a mishap completely turns Jackson’s life upside down, he has two options: Ignore the sweet email from the two subs looking for a master or take a leap of faith and see where it will lead them. Luckily for pups Sawyer and Cooper, Jackson takes that leap and discovers that love sometimes comes in unexpected packages.

This boxed set contains the prequel to the series, the three main books in the series, and a bonus short where they take their first vacation as a family.

Family by Fate
The Accidental Master
Master by Choice
Master by Fate
Family in Love

Story Contains: M/M/M romantic content, mild BDSM, puppy play, and a bit of role playing between a naughty pup and his loving master.

©2019 M.A. Innes (P)2019 M.A. Innes
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