Taming the Cowboy's Heart

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The Reluctant Cowgirl: A Romantic Comedy Inhaltsangabe

When Amy Landers inherits Aunt Polly’s Inn, located on a bluff above the Columbia River in Wishram, Washington, she has no plans to stay any longer than it takes to sell it. Even though Amy spent her childhood summers with Aunt Polly in cattle country, she’s lived the past 14 years as a refined city girl in Seattle. She has no desire to change, until she sees her childhood playmate Jesse Drake, now a strapping cattle rancher next door.

Amy can barely stand the sight of a tumbleweed and refers to Country Western radio as the Book of Job put to music. It will take more than a cowboy in a nice pair of jeans to win this city girl's heart.

Join the round up and enjoy the ride!

©2017 Renee Riva (P)2018 Renee Riva
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