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Silas Oaktree and the Fox's Challenge Inhaltsangabe

Nature is out of balance. Two years after moving his family to an oak in a Tennessee suburb, Silas Oaktree is a robin still trying to settle in.

    Here are some things he has to deal with:
  • A human friend with relationship problems who puts out cheap bird seed
  • An invalid wife to take care of with eggs about to hatch
  • An older brother addicted to illicit forest mushrooms and berries
  • The council of forest animals swaying under political pressure
  • A cunning fox plotting revenge

What starts with Momma Bear's cubs going missing turns into a mystery likely to throw the whole forest into chaos. Animal carcasses turn up, wasted and uneaten.

When a scrawled message written in blood singles out Silas, he is plunged into a contest of wills with a psychopath that threatens to push him to the brink. He has to put everything on the line if he is going to stop a threat coming out of the darkest heart of the forest.

Silas battles to support his growing family, struggles between hate and love for his junkie brother, helps a human hospice worker with his inability to let go, and rushes to end a deadly game with a serial killer before others get hurt. Springtime has never before been such a trying season as Silas is pushed to the limits of who he is as a bird, and what he's willing to become to save his new home.

Silas is just one bird in a big world, but with friends, some unlikely allies, and steely determination, he might just be enough as he fights for his nest and the animals he loves.

©2014 Nicholas Ballard (P)2015 Nicholas Ballard
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