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There are several things I've always known growing up as the alpha's daughter. The most important ones being:

  1. My twin brother, Cord, was the perfect choice as successor to our father. Mostly because I wanted nothing to do with being an alpha-in-training.
  2. I had two of the best friends a girl could ever ask for: Cord and Augie.

Then everything changed when my brother was murdered, and I found myself needing to prove to my father I was more than capable of finishing what Cord started.

When I'm sent to a meeting for alphas and their heirs, I quickly learn things are way worse than I ever thought. Especially when a cocky shifter forces his way into my life, making me second guess everything I ever believed.

If I can't figure out who to let in and who to keep at bay, I could not only be risking my heart but the people I love most in the world.

I've already lost my brother, and I'll be damned if anyone else dies on my watch.

Fans of young adult paranormal romance full of shifters, sass, romance, and unforeseen twists will devour this audiobook.

Recommended order:
Shades of Fury
Shades of Magic
Shades of Deceit

Shades of Secrecy (prequel novella)
Shades of Vengeance (full-length stand-alone)

©2019 Heather Renee (P)2019 Heather Renee
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