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Platoon F: Big Ass Bundle (Platoon F eBook Bundle 3) Inhaltsangabe

Get from the inception all the way through Platoon F's stint working for the Overseers! That's 35 hours of sci-fi mayhem, including a bonus of the full original Angry Robots book at the end! 

Lieutenant Orion Murphy is facing execution due to a military mistake, but he's offered a deal that will allow him to live. He must go through a physical transformation, take on the new name of Don Harr, and agree to lead a crew of misfits known as Platoon F. Over the course of nine missions, Captain Harr slowly begins to understand what the 'F' in 'Platoon F' truly means. 

Jump in today and grab nine missions (plus the bonus) that will seriously push the boundaries of insanity, absurdity, and reality. If you're looking for laughs, you'll find them in Platoon F! 

NOTE: These stories contain tons of innuendo, adult language, and dirty jokes. If you're into shows like Southpark and Family Guy, you should be okay here; otherwise, you may want to skip this series!

Mission 1: The SSMC Reluctant
Mission 2: Angry Robots 2.0
Mission 3: The SSMC Voyeur
Mission 4: Earthlings
Mission 5: Synthetic DNA
Mission 6: Warped Conduit
Mission 7: Kidnap on Fantasy Planet
Mission 8: Veli Unveiled
Mission 9: The Search for Veli
Bonus: The original Angry Robots book! 

©2013 John P. Logsdon; Christopher P. Young (P)2018 Living Audio, C.I.C.
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