Henry Bins

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Henry Bins is only awake one hour a day.  

Can you imagine only being awake for one hour each day? Can you imagine having to cram your entire existence into sixty measly minutes? Two minutes to shower. Three minutes to eat. Five minutes to watch TV. And in that 3600 seconds you have awake, imagine that you have to figure out: 

  • Who murdered the woman across the street? (You suspect it was the President of the United States, but can you prove it?) 
  • Why did your mom abandoned you when you were six years old? (Was it because she worked for the CIA? Or was it because of your condition?) 
  • What caused your strange condition where you wake up at exactly 3:00 a.m. then fall asleep exactly an hour later, then sleep for twenty-three hours? (Were you experimented on? If so, by who?) 
  • And most importantly, what is Project Sandman? 

Welcome to Henry Bins’s life. 

©2016 Nick Pirog (P)2019 Blackstone Audio, Inc.
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