Furbitten Falls Alpha's Series

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Furbitten Falls Alpha's (3 Book Series) Inhaltsangabe

From Book 1: A small-town alpha teaching third grade.
An exhausted single dad omega.
A little girl who unites them both.

Jarrett finds himself dreaming about an omega he mated with several years ago. Were they fated mates? Maybe he's just doomed to be alone. Too bad he never knew the omega's name.

Brent is an omega father to his alpha daughter, Emery. It isn’t easy, but he does his best and loves her fiercely. He remembers the night she was conceived and wishes, beyond everything else, that he had that alpha there to help out.

He's about to get his wish, in a backhanded sort of way.

Jarrett and Brent are back in action, ready to capture your heart once again. Follow them as they struggle to figure out who the other is, and what it may mean for the Furbitten Falls pack.

This mpreg wolf shifter bundle is rife with passionate scenes and should not be purchased by minors and can be listened to in any order. No one under the age of 18, please.

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