Embrace of Two Souls

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Heart Lock Inhaltsangabe

He turned the warlock around and looked him straight in the eyes as the warlock began to bleed to death. “You suffered unto my wife and child and now you must pay the price.” The warlock looked into Nico’s eyes pleadingly.

“Argh… glugg..” The warlock tried to speak, but couldn't. He knew he was powerless after being cut by a witch’s athame that was thousands time more powerful then he could ever hope or imagine to be.

As the warlock tried to speak, Nico opened the warlock’s mouth, pulled out his tongue and sliced it off. Not only was blood spurting from the warlock’s mouth, his throat was bleeding profusely. Nico held up the warlock by his shoulders and watched him die as he stared him in the eyes.

“As your life is drained from you, may you feel the agony and pain you bestowed upon my wife Bella, ten-fold. May your soul be damned to hell for all eternity.” Were the last words the warlock heard come from Nico’s mouth as his life drained from his now lifeless body. Nico dropped the warlock’s body to the ground and left it for the wild animals to devour. A proper burial for someone who had taken part in the fatal ritual of his Bella’s death.

Nico walked away from the warlock’s bloody lifeless body. As he was walking away, he felt a sudden surge of energy over him. He felt his chest and arms become stronger and his inner strength build. It was his first kill and he had thirty-nine more to go. With his determination for revenge, a taste for blood and Bella’s help, he will seek the death of every single one of her murderers. If it takes him the rest of his life, he will brutally kill each and every one of the occult members who had taken the only thing that mattered the most to him. His dear sweet beloved Isabella. Revenge shall be his.

©2014 Vince Stead (P)2014 Vince Stead
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