Cynthia Webber

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Murder Audit Inhaltsangabe

A gripping financial thriller where corporate greed and corruption abound....

When widow and single parent Cynthia Webber discovers a body during the routine financial statement audit of a prestigious and controversial pipeline company, her whole world is turned upside down.

Her career and life are threatened by her boss when he turns up unexpectedly at her son’s daycare, posing as her brother. When she ignores his threats and goes to the police, she finds herself alone and unjustly dismissed.

Cynthia turns to her best friend Linda, an investigative reporter, to help uncover her boss’s true motivation and get her life back, just as a well-known environmental activist is found murdered on the pipeline company’s property.

Book one in the Cynthia Webber series. Fans of The Firm and the Women’s Murder Club series will enjoy this fast-paced listen.

Contains profanity, sex, and violence. Written in Canadian English.

©2018 Michelle Cornish (P)2020 Michelle Cornish
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