A Witch in Time

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A Devil of a Time Inhaltsangabe

Felicity must choose whether to live a normal life and be cut off or embrace her powers. Her decision gets harder when her grandmother arranges for her to marry a powerful wizard. If she’s going to avoid that disaster, she’ll need to find a job...and that’s where everything changes. 

At the Agency of Paranormal Peculiarities, they need investigators. Felicity is perfect for the job, but there’s just one catch: She’ll need to use the powers she’s been trying to avoid. Is giving up her dream of a normal life worth it?

Can she learn to embrace who she is?

Will the decision get her in over her head?  

Sent back in time to 1999, she must solve a murder at the Old Bailey. This one will be a challenge and there’s a catch - she’s got just seven days to solve it. 

You’ll love this story because of the struggle and the twists. Get it now!

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