A Doctor's Touch

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The Accident Inhaltsangabe

Doctor-patient like you've never seen before.

Linda is a strong-willed, independent woman, who relies on no one for anything, so when she’s hurt in a serious accident, her first instinct is to refuse long-term hospitalization. Unfortunately for her, her injuries require ongoing medical care at home.

Jason strives to give the best possible care to his patients, but when he’s assigned to care for Linda, their undeniable chemistry makes it difficult to not cross the line. Soon, what begins as a little help in the shower pushes the boundaries of their doctor-patient relationship and leads them in an unexpected direction.

When Linda’s mother drops by to check on her, the situation takes a dangerous turn - one that may reveal a secret that could change everything.

Find out what happens when a beautiful and helpless accident victim welcomes a handsome doctor into her world and unknowingly invites trouble!

©2020 Evelyn White (P)2020 Evelyn White
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