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    This Raging Bull Publishing bundle contains four classic Western audiobooks by Zane Grey, including:

    Betty Zane (1903)

    Inspired by the life and adventures of his own great-great-grandmother, Betty Zane was Zane Grey's first novel, and it launched his career as a master writer of rousing frontier and Western adventures.

    Betty Zane is the story of the events culminating in the last battle of the American Revolution, when 200 Redcoats from British-controlled Detroit along with 400 Shawnee Indians attacked the small, wood-palisaded Fort Henry on the Western frontier. The heroine of the battle - a young, spunky, and beautiful frontier girl - was Betty Zane.

    Desert Gold (1913)

    The story describes the recent uprising along the border and ends with the finding of the gold that two prospectors had willed to the girl who is the story's heroine.

    Riders of the Purple Sage (1912)

    Riders of the Purple Sage tells the story of Jane Withersteen and her battle to overcome her persecution by members of her church. Throughout most of the novel, she struggles with her "blindness" in seeing the evil nature of her church and its leaders, trying to keep both Venters and Lassiter from killing her adversaries, who are slowly ruining her.

    The Border Legion (1916)

    Jack Kells was a remorseless killer, head of a gang that ravaged the Southern border. He didn't think twice before he kidnapped pretty Joan Randle on a lonesome Idaho trail. His cold eyes filled her with fear, but her goodness made something happen deep within him. Bad as he was, he knew he had to keep Joan safe from desperadoes far worse than he. 

    Kells had a price on his head and on his heels. Now, loving this woman could cost him his life...or it could make him a hero in this wild, dangerous land.

    Visit - The home of Westerns.

    ©2017 Raging Bull Publishing (P)2018 Raging Bull Publishing

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