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    Set at the time of Partition, Ya Khuda recounts the gut-wrenching horror of migration and the pandemonium that ensued. Never before had a storyteller described as vividly the horrors of our history. This story is a painful journey through the masses of decrepit humanity, sick by nausea of nationalism, hate, lust, and barbarity. This book is certainly not an incrimination of just one side of the partition boundary, but reminds us that there are beasts on both sides of the border. Only the names change, sometimes it is Balbir Singh and in some places it is Abdul Rauf. The most painful thing the listener is reminded of is the fact that all this was true, as recounted by the millions who had gone through the morass of Muhajir camps.

    Please note: This audiobook is in Urdu.

    Public Domain (P)2012 Urdu Studio

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