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    It's dark.... You’re tired. Not thinking straight. It’s the worst time of all for you to make decisions, and maybe that’s why you take a...Wrong Turn.

    In this new anthology offered by Blunder Woman Productions, you’ll take a trip down twisty roads into forests, back alleys, and even across the border between life and death. Together these tales are funny, creepy, weird, contemplative, traditional, and speculative.

    This is a perfect collection for dark nights when the wind is howling and you’re curled up in front of a crackling fire, or listening to while you’re taking a long walk. The characters in these stories might take a wrong turn, but it’s the right move for any fan of thrillers and mysteries.

    Foreword by Bernard Schaffer. Featuring stories by Sharon Hart Addy, Sharon L. Cook, Kelley Ernst, Rosemary Hayes, J.R. Hayslett, Johnny Heller, Heidi Hunter, Laura Jennings, Laird Long, Chris Martin, Tom Mead, Lawrence Allan Pontius, Michele Reed, M. Regan, Chris Rodriguez, Jacqueline Seewald, Jim Shaffer, Alexander Shearer, Elena Sichrovsky, Molly Thynes, DJ Tyrer, and Robb White.

    This piece has a stellar cast, featuring the voices of: Vikas Adam, Andi Arndt, Peter Berkrot, Tim Campbell, Bailey Carr, Renee Chambliss, James Cronin, Chris Ciulla, Andrew Eiden, Andrea Emmes, Suzanne Freeman, Gary Furlong, Dawn Harvey, Johnny Heller, Jeffrey Kafer, Amy Landon, Madeleine Maby, Erin Mallon, Julie McKay, Sarah Mollo Christensen, Melissa Moran, Romy Nodlinger, PJ Ochlan, and Megan Tusing.

    Original music by Angelo Di Loreto.

    ©2018 Tanya Eby (P)2018 Blunder Woman Productions

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