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    Ten tales of worlds gone wrong

    "The Mold of Memory" - Nanotech run amok. "How to Make Love Last Beyond the Grave" - Even the undead love…. "Howling" - A twisted werewolf short. "Under an Invisible Shadow" - What happens when the dead start dying? "Finding Tim" - Fantasy novel cover art might hold the key to one man's loss. "Graven Images" - You might not feel quite yourself when the aliens arrive. "Morbo the Clown Comes to Town" - A prose poem for the clown lover in all of us. "Bookworms" - What was in the forbidden book the archaeology grad student found? "Walking Woes" - In the future, it's the obese who rule. "The Dreaming Gods" - A surreal tale previously in Rite Publishing's D20 zine PATHWAYS.

    David Bain is the author of the supernatural thriller Gray Lake, the Will Castleton psychic detective suspense series, and lots of other short stories, essays, and audiobooks

    ©2014 David Bain (P)2015 a/a Productions

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