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    I'm human. They're not. I'm afraid. They're not.

    We're mated. We're whole. And together, we're going to change the Pack forever.

    Violence thrust me into this world. My past defined me. I was on the run, constantly evading an adolescence loaded with heartbreak and fear. And then the end came. But with it, I found a new beginning.

    Three mates, three alphas, all mine, to have and to hold. Their protection gives me a future, and their love gives me wings. But the best intentions can still lead us to hell. For the first time in my life, I have a future worth fighting for. Only, that doesn't take away my living demons. When they come for me, which they will, I'm no longer alone.

    Can I survive if fate has given me an expiration date that I avoided a decade ago?

    ©2020 Serena Akeroyd (P)2021 Podium Audio

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