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    A drought in the United States, as disaster preparedness consultant David Black explains, usually just has economic ramifications; a drought in eastern Africa might lead to death. That is, however, no excuse not to be prepared. After 9/11, it became apparent that the times are changing, and we are more susceptible to disaster than ever. In What to Do When Shit Hits the Fan, performed by prominent Audible narrator Steve Coulter, listeners will get detailed plans and methods of response for times of crisis, whether it's terrorism, catastrophic weather, or civil unrest.


    Would you know how to prepare for an unforeseen emergency, or handle an unexpected disaster? With real-world considerations in mind, disaster preparedness consultant David Black shows us how to stay alive when tragedy strikes. His step-by-step actions can help us make it safely through a variety of crises, from catastrophic weather to terrorism to civil unrest. Black presents tailor-made plans for individuals, businesses, organizations, small groups, and communities to follow, in all regions of the country and broken down by type of emergency and environment. In addition, he provides a hierarchy for response including communication, healthcare, food, water, and shelter in the absence of institutions and commercially available services and supplies.

    ©2007 David Black (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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