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    Collected poems from America’s searching and thoughtful philosopher-poet.

    ...There’s something
    Comforting about rituals renewed, even adolescents’ pipe dreams:
    They’ll find out soon enough, and meanwhile find their places
    In the eternal scenery, less auguries or cautionary tales

    Than parts of an unchanging whole, as ripe for contemplation
    As a planisphere or the clouds: the vexed destinies, the shared life,
    The sempiternal spectacle of someone preaching to the choir
    While walking backwards in the moment on a warm spring afternoon.

    John Koethe’s poems - always dynamic and in process, never static or complete - luxuriate in the questions that punctuate the most humdrum of routines, rendering a robust portrait of an individual: complicated, quotidian, and resounding with truth. Gathering for the first time his impressive and award-winning body of work, published between 1966 and 2016, Walking Backwards introduces this gifted poet to a new, wider audience.

    ©2018 John Koethe (P)2019 Macmillan Audio

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