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    In a horrific global attack, terrorists brutally assassinate the US president on live television...leaving Chris Thomas the only one capable of stopping the Order’s reign of terror.

    Labeled an enemy of the state, he must go rogue to stop Master Mahan’s rise to power.

    Eighteen months after the events of The Adamic Code, Chris and Leah settle into a new life together, but their peace is shattered when the Order resurfaces to finish what they started.

    The Order unleashes a mysterious technological terror known as Thor’s Hammer - a space weapon far more devastating than a nuclear bomb. In the aftermath of its first attacks, tens of millions are dead, and governments are thrown into chaos as they face a no-win choice: Surrender to the Order or die.

    Out of time and against all odds, Chris must come up with a desperate plan to stop Master Mahan. To accomplish the impossible, he and his team of brilliant misfits must steal a little-understood, gravity-bending weapon from a top-secret military base.

    With the fate of the world resting on his shoulders, can Chris’s Hail-Mary plan save billions of innocent lives before the Order strikes again?

    ©2021 C. T. Knudsen (P)2021 C. T. Knudsen

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