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    Ben, an engineer, was sitting in Our Bar when he heard the horrific news of the train crash. He ran out of the bar, with his best friend Mark following him, and learns that his girlfriend, Christy, is permanently blinded by the explosion from the crash. He vows to take care of her, but Christy doesn't want him to. She sinks into a depression, and ends up taking her life.

    Earlier that same day, Ben discovered a new surgery to restore eyesight. He rushes home to tell Christy, only to find her dead by overdose of sleeping pills. Ben becomes obsessed with his love for trains, uses another engineer for her knowledge of the inner workings of them, and then orchestrates another train crash, leaving all but himself accounted for. Amidst the investigation, a detective begins to realize the shocking truth, that his best friend Ben is indeed the culprit, and ends up pulling the lever when Ben is electrocuted.

    ©2017 Waldorf Publishing (P)2017 Waldorf Publishing

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