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    Explore the cruel history of the Trail of Tears.

    One of the darkest and cruelest chapters in the history of the United States occurred when the nation’s young government decided to remove the native peoples from their lands in the name of profit.

    Having helped settlers for hundreds of years, five Native American tribes found it increasingly more difficult to relate to, and trust, the country that had once acted as their allies. The native peoples had fought alongside the Americans to gain freedom from England, the nation that the colonists deemed oppressive and unfair. The native peoples acted as benefactors and teachers to help the colonists gain an advantage against an army that was far superior to the small forces that the colonists could muster. The new country owed a lot of its existence to the native peoples, yet the settlers, who were of European descent, did not see it that way.

    The following topics will be covered in this audiobook:   

    • The early relationship
    • The growth of Manifest Destiny
    • The discovery of gold and the Indian Removal Act
    • Peaceful protests and a push for recognition
    • The people versus the president
    • The militia force removal
    • The trail of tears
    • Stories of pain, loss, and love
    • Making a new home
    • And a great deal more you don't want to miss out on!

    Get the audiobook now to learn more about the Trail of Tears!

    ©2018 Captivating History (P)2018 Captivating History

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