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Top 111 Super Powerful Bullying Affirmations

Autor: Thomas Lee
Sprecher: Ted Gitzke
Spieldauer: 34 Min.

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What are positive affirmations? An affirmation is anything that you think or say. This means that even your negative thoughts and words are affirmations. People have become used to thinking negatively, thus resulting in negative experiences and situations. It is important to retrain the mind to think only of good and positive things, so that only positive would also come out of the mouth. This is how you will change your life.

A positive affirmation will open a doorway to the positive changes in your life. It is like telling your subconscious mind to think this way: "I am taking control now. I am taking full responsibility. I know that I am in for some big changes in my life". Affirmations are a play on words, in a way - you choose the words that will either help you get rid of something in your life or create something new instead.

Your every thought and every word is an affirmation. So, your self-talk and the internal dialogues that constantly occur are a stream of affirmations. This only means that both your conscious and subconscious thoughts have a huge impact on how your life goes. You are using affirmations every moment of your life.

You are creating your own reality through your thoughts. If you only have fear and doubt, then you will attract only negativity. Same thing is true for positive thoughts. If you can release all those fears and doubts, then you will be free.

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