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    Beschreibung von Audible

    To say that this play, by celebrated author, political analyst, and former White House presidential advisor Sidney Blumenthal, is hilarious would be an understatement. This highly entertaining political satire is perfect for audio. The inspired cast, led by actors Richard Kind, Gates McFadden, and John Randolph, deliver flawless vocal portraits while developing characters who appear to be exceedingly bored when inquiring about peace treaties but snap to attention at the chance to uncover a little dirt. Their shenanigans lead the listener along a path strewn with false leads, phony friendships, nasty gossip, and more than a little scandal about the fictitious first dog. If the Washington Press Corps were really this funny, White House press conferences would be a lot more entertaining.


    Sidney Blumenthal, White House presidential adviser, renowned journalist and author of numerous books on American politics, takes us inside the well-groomed Washington Press Corps, who yawn when they hear about peace treaties - but snap to attention at the chance to uncover a little dirt on the First Dog. An on-the-money political satire! Presented by a full cast starring Richard Kind, Gates McFadden, John Randolph, Roy Leonard, and more!
    (P)1996 L.A. Theatre Works, All Rights Reserved

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