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    Discover a new and compelling mythos in this haunting collection of short horror stories.

    Twisted creatures have lurked for eons beneath the dark canopies of the Black Forest. And, when a young couple is stranded in its forgotten depths, they must fight for their lives as these ancient beasts begin to hunt once more (The Grove).

    A young man long ago learned to control his dreams, and he believed them to be a limitless world of his own. But, there is more to the realm of slumber than he knows. It is a prison built long ago to house an ancient evil, one that thirsts to break its chains and curse the waking world with untold horrors (The Gray King).

    A boy sets out to disprove a local legend. But, there is truth at every legend's core, and he unleashes a dark and divine force that was never meant to see the light of day (The Little God).

    When a woman buys an old Victorian house, she hopes to create a welcoming home for her unborn child. But, strange whispers echo in the night, and vile figures watch her from the shadows. Something haunts the house's walls, and it wants her baby (Home Sweet Home).

    Listen to these and more in this riveting new collection of 18 terrifying cosmic and supernatural horror stories. Discover the terrors that lurk within.

    ©2019 Travis Liebert (P)2022 Travis Liebert

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