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    There is one thing that can be counted upon - Pandora won't keep her opinions to herself....

    Amazon Top 100 Best-Selling Author

    There are changes happening around the world, and Hell isn't giving up, even as they go through a few changes there as well.

    One of the Leviathans has risen, and this time it doesn't walk around destroying property.

    No, it is much more insidious.

    Turner is asking for a roommate, and not one you can acquire in the Classifieds....

    Hell is getting pushy, and the sisters push back twice as hard. said hard - Pandora

    kick back for a fun supernatural action-packed adventure that will have you yelling for the good guys and laughing at the arguments between Katie and...her.

    ©2019 LMBPN Publishing (P)2021 LMBPN Publishing

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