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    Do you find yourself hankering for something new and adventurous? Well guess what - here is something new and it's called The Whatchacall. A moving and stirring romantic comedy full of rednecks, nitwits, animals, hipsters, music, road trips, and friendship. The story is full of high fives, ole friends, new love, dancin', eating, fartin', burpin', and everything that makes life worth livin'. This potentially award-winning novel is a real crowd pleaser and sure to find a way into your home one way or another. Along the way you'll meet Uncle Bobby, Carl's Jrs, Sweet and Sammi, Cap'n, the Waterboy, and countless other fine characters. Do yourself a favor and give it a whirl.

    ©2016 Paul Hiram Mozley III (P)2016 Paul Hiram Mozley III

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