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    Jessica is determined to put her stamp on the tea room by baking and offering a range of artisan breads. She plans to launch the new menu before the arrival of her first baby - in less than one month.  

    Jessica and Edward have recently taken over the tea room. Jessica soon realises the customers love everything her mum has created - they do not want change - however, she wants to add something of her own. She decides that despite having limited experience with baking, she is going to make bread. When her initial attempts do not turn out well, it looks like she may have to rethink her plans.  

    Even though Jessica has not yet prepared for the arrival of the baby, she is convinced she still has plenty of time to get her new venture off the ground. Babies, however, have a habit of foiling even the best-laid plans.  

    The second audiobook in the Vintage Tea Room series is a story of a young woman’s determination, with the help and support of her family, to make a success of her new business.

    ©2016 Lily Wells (P)2018 Lily Wells

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