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    Parents, The Ultimate Babysitting Course is a must-have resource and guide to keep handy for yourself and the babysitter of your children!

    Teens, learn the skills to start your own babysitting business, as well as tools to stay home alone, plus earn extra money! 

    Babysitting is extremely fulfilling and challenging at the same time. As promised, this book has delved deep into the role of a babysitter in a child's life. Learn leadership skills to confidently care for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children. Learn the differences between age groups, how to play age-appropriate games, change diapers, and the  importance of following the parent's routines.

    What if you could be taught the skills required to babysit, feel prepared, and excited? What if safety in a positive caring environment was the foundation of your care?

    In this audiobook, you will also learn:

    • The qualities of an excellent babysitter
    • How to find a babysitting job
    • How to create a resume
    • Questions to ask your parents and the parents you are babysitting for
    • What to do if you suspect the parents you are babysitting for have been drinking
    • How to stay safe
    • What to do in minor emergencies
    • When to call 911
    • Definitions and common babysitting terms

    Babysitting is fulfilling and challenging all at the same time! This audiobook is jam-packed with practical tips, helpful advice, snack ideas, game ideas, and what to expect when you are babysitting.

    The Ultimate Babysitting Course is a must-have for all parents, preteens, and teens! It also makes an amazing gift!

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    ©2017 LA Hoekstra (P)2020 LA Hoekstra

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