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    Fanatically attracted to antique lamps, Gerard Archer stops at a yard sale when he sees a vintage lamp with a very unique base, which has been crafted from silver and gold. Asking the seller how much he wants for the artifact, the man shockingly replies that a five-pound note will send it up the road.

    Without hesitation, Gerard purchases the lamp and takes it home where his wife, Sarah, falls in love with it; but after having problems with what he thinks is the lamp's wiring, Gerard begins to see shadows and hear disembodied voices. After the lamp is conspicuously displayed in the library, the cat mysteriously goes missing and during a dinner party, the guests are assaulted by unseen hands. As the evening progresses, it becomes obvious that the lamp is not what it appears to be.

    ©2015 R. L. McCallum (P)2016 R. L. McCallum

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