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    In order to get home, Shalnark must survive one last job....

    Shalnark is trapped in a primitive land. Only one ship is willing to go where he needs to go, but funding an expedition requires an immense fortune.  

    The captain plans to depart soon, carrying another adventurer. If Shalnark doesn't arrive with the funds in time, he could lose his one way home. With hundreds of silver pennies to go, the pressure is weighing on the jaded thief. 

    When a local thieving legend recruits Shalnark's shapeshifting skills to pull off a deadly heist, he jumps at the opportunity, but if he cannot learn to temper his impatience, he could risk losing everything.   

    "The Silver Key" is a short story that acts as a prelude to the novel, Festival of the Azure Moon (launching January 2021); however, both stories can be enjoyed as stand-alone works without needing to listen to the other."

    ©2020 Larnce Hicks (P)2020 Larnce Hicks

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