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    I’ll never forget the night when everything changed. I saw the first glimmers of daylight over the roofs from the window before I heard it. We were used to air raids by then and I recognized German engines, but something felt different this time. They were closer than I’d ever heard them before....

    Devon, 1940: When 15-year-old Daisy is evacuated from her home in London, she knows she must look after her younger sister, Peggy. She is the only one who can reassure Peggy that life will go back to normal, reading to her from their one battered children’s book, ensuring she takes the cough medicine their mother tucked in the pocket of her gas mask bag. 

    But when the sisters’ new home is suddenly bombed, they are taken into the countryside, and Daisy quickly realizes that not everyone at home is on the right side of the war. Forced to work in fields alongside orphan children, she finds herself drawn to a young boy called John, who has tried and failed to escape many times before. 

    Then Peggy gets sick and Daisy knows that, to save her life, they must run away. But now Peggy is not the only one Daisy is desperate to protect. As war rages all around, Daisy learns that sometimes you have to sacrifice everything if you want to save the people you love. And that the choices you make in your darkest days will affect your family for generations to come....

    Perfect for fans of Lisa Wingate, Diney Costeloe, and Shirley Dickson, The Runaway Sisters is a tale of heart-wrenching loss and uplifting courage. It’s a story about family and the light that can be found in the dark clouds of war. 

    ©2020 Ann Bennett (P)2020 Bookouture

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