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The Rememory Man

Autor: Weston Ochse
Sprecher: Weston Ochse
Spieldauer: 22 Min.

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A mythological figure comes and takes away bad memories and replaces them with someone else's. This is one of several tales in the Smoky Mountain Horrors collection.
©2009 Weston Ochse (P)2009 Pulp Studios, LLC


"Make way for a new powerhouse on the block. With creative brawn, brains, and balls, the guy's locked, loaded, and switched to full-auto, blazing away with his unique and original brand of modern horror, one of the few new writers, I'd say, who will help re-define the field for the future." (Edward Lee, author of City Infernal)
"It's obvious to see why Weston Ochse won a Stoker Award for his first novel." (James A. Moore, author of Harvest Moon)

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