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    Sally Meredith's young life has been full of adventure. As a suffragist, she fought for women's right to vote. She drove an ambulance in France during the war. And she's already had a proposal and a broken engagement.

    But the past few years have been deadly dull, taking care of a cranky relative and now living alone in a quiet village. So when her eccentric uncle Fritzi arrives with the tale of his most recent invention - a deadly gas that nations are striving to get hold of - she's intrigued. Fritzi hides his formula in a Chinese lacquer box and demonstrates the intricacies of opening it. But...someone is lurking outside who vanishes into the night. The next day Fritzi and the box disappear and Sally's life becomes exciting again. And dangerous.

    In a world of intrigue, it's difficult to distinguish friends from enemies, and Sally soon finds that her former fiance Bill Armitage has some interest in the case. As listeners of Patricia Wentworth novels have come to expect, this heroine is intelligent and canny enough to find her own solutions out of tight spots. But it never hurts to have a backup.

    Public Domain (P)2021 Anne Hancock

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