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    Everyone in the village admires Anna because she’s a wonderful mother. Juggling family life with a small sewing business, she’s the one they turn to for a warm hug after a hard day. Her kind, polite daughters are a credit to her - even Bay, her stepdaughter, whom Anna loves as much as her own two girls. 

    But normal family life changes overnight when Anna’s middle daughter’s beauty catches the eye of a stranger in a café. As jealousy erupts between the siblings, Anna’s perfect blended family begins to unravel around her. A devastating secret about the dangerous game they played when they were little girls threatens to break the surface - and the bonds of this close-knit family forever....

    To save her girls, Anna must rethink everything she ever thought she knew about love, motherhood, and family. She must pick a side, an impossible decision for any mother, but believing the wrong daughter could be fatal. 

    Anna has already sacrificed so much for her family, but there are no limits to what a mother will do for her daughters....

    The Pretty One is a stunning family drama that explores the dark consequences of sibling rivalry and the heart-wrenching emotional cost of keeping secrets from those you love. Perfect for fans of Big Little Lies, Little Fires Everywhere, and My Dark Vanessa. 

    ©2021 Clare Boyd (P)2021 Bookouture, an imprint of Storyfire Ltd.

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